Full Price Practice Plan Price
Initial consultantion, 12 point dental health examination including digital x-rays, treatment planning and estimate

Regular Dental Health Examination £32 free*
Regular Dental Health Examination, gum health treatment and hardened plaque removal £64 free*
Gum health treatment and hardened plaque removal with Hygienist £40 free*
Tooth whitening, full upper and lower £412 £332
Amalgam Fillings £58 to £120 £46.40 to £96
Esthet-x, composite fillings £81 to £126.50 £64.80 to £101.20
Root treatment £290 to £371 £232 to £296.80
Empress ceramic crowns £521 £416.80
Bonded Crown – Porcelain bonded to non- precious metal £425 £360
Porcelain veneer £398 £318
Esthet-X, composite veneer £138 £110
Full upper and lower acrylic dentures £860# £678#
Full upper or lower acrylic denture £550# £440#
Metal Dentures £1025# £820#

All prices are calculated on a time basis and may vary from above, for example the cost of several fillings in the same area of the mouth will often be considerably less than the price of three separate ones

A full estimate and treatment plan will be provided after your initial consultation. Occasionally in complex cases you may be asked to return for a second consultation and there will be an additional charge for this visit.

* see our dental care plan

# Prices for our standard private dentures. Our Swiss Dent range will incur additional charges.