West Road Dental Practice prides itself on its standards of cross infection control. By following the BDA guidelines we can ensure that you are protected from risk of infection during dental procedures.

The principle of Universal Precaution, treating all patients as potentially infectious, allows us to eliminate the possibility of passing a disease from one person to another.

When ever possible disposable equipment is used. High speed suction reduces the need to rinse and the splatter that occurs with this. The dental units are constantly internally cleaned with a mild sterilisation solution and we follow the latest guideline from the Chief Dental Officer regarding the once only use of certain equipment in root canal treatments

The practice uses central sterilisation which avoids the use of hot noisy autoclaves in each room and all instruments are decontaminated before the actual sterilisation. The performance of the autoclave is constantly checked , documented and regularly serviced. All contaminated surfaces are sprayed and wiped down between patients.

In summery

  • BDA guidelines followed
  • Universal Precautions taken
  • Tested and maintained Autoclave
  • All instruments disposed of or sterilised
  • Surfaces decontaminated between patients
  • Dental units flushed continually
  • Vaccination of clinical staff
  • Glove and mask or visor wear by staff
  • Once only use of gloves
  • Safety glasses for patients
  • Registered Disposal of clinical waste