Treatments Available

Tooth whitening
At WRDP we use a home whitening system which avoids long uncomfortable visits to the practice.
An impression of the teeth is taken and a thin custom fitting tray is made. VOCO whitening gel is then used in the tray either overnight or for a few hours each evening. This simple and effective system will typically obtain 6 to 8 shades of whitening in about 2 weeks. In a few resistant cases or where very white shades are wanted this may take longer. The dentist will want to monitor the progression of the treatments after a few days.

Tooth whitening can also be used for single discoloured teeth for example after root treatment. 

White Fillings and Porcelain inlays
We use the advanced Esthet-X system of composite (white) fillings to achieve a more beautiful smile.

This system involves the building up of enamel and dentine layers to copy the natural tooth structure in detail. It has over 40 shades and opacities to enable the correct characteristics of the tooth to be copied.

For larger fillings it may be more appropriate to use porcelain inlays or crowns.

Esthet-X can also be used for inexpensive composite veneers to mask discoloured or poorly shaped front teeth.

Porcelain Veneers and crowns
Almost everyone can nowadays have beautiful teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns. Veneers are similar to a false fingernail of porcelain which covers the front of the tooth to restore shape and colour. This usually involves only removing a small amount of tooth and so is a very conservative way of improving a smile.

Crowns are mainly used on back teeth, or where veneers are not appropriate, and can both strengthen and beautify the teeth.

For some people dentures are still the best most cost effective solution. Our dentists are both highly experienced in this field and we use a high quality local lab to consistently obtain beautiful and functional results. In addition to our premium range we offer a “Swiss” package with a greater range of teeth, full contouring and staining of the gums where appropriate.

A few wearers will always find dentures difficult and for those we usually recommend an implant supported denture.